Pursuant to the Law on Notary, when requesting notary service, the Customer shall pay notary fees and remuneration.

1. Notary fees

Notary fees are prescribed by the Ministry of Finance in Circular no. 257/2016/TT-BTC. Accordingly, notary fees are determined by the type of transactions being notarized and the value of property in such transaction. Notary fees are applied nation-wide.

Note: The basis for determination of notary fees is the contract value. In the case the contract value is lower than the actual value (in case of moveable properties) and lower than the value regulated by the State (in case of immoveable properties/real estate), notary fees will be determined based on the actual value, not the contract value. Notary fees are inclusive of VAT.

2. Notary remuneration

Notary remuneration includes of charges for contract drafting, typing, photo-copying, translation, dossier archive and other tasks in relation to the notary service, such as out-of-office notary service, out-of-office-hour notary service, verification of document and information, etc. Notary remuneration is to be agreed by the notary office and the customer on the basis of price ceilings for each specific task as regulated by the People’s Committee of the City.

3. Notice of notary fees and remuneration

Notary fees and remuneration are publicly posted in the Notary office. Customers can request explanation of such fees and remuneration by the Notary officer before making a request for notary service.

4. References for notary fees and remuneration

For all inquiries, please call hotline 0903 75 25 25 or directly contact the Notary officers via email: congchungtrungtam@gmail.com

For references to legislation, please follow the link below: http://vanban.chinhphu.vn/portal/page/portal/chinhphu/hethongvanban?class_id=1&_page=1&mode=detail&document_id=188220