Central Notary Office is one of the first notary offices established in Ho Chi Minh City in accordance with the Law on Notary, evidencing the institutionalization of administrative and legal reformation policies, the privatization of notary service.

With a team of Notary officers as legal experts who have trained, improved qualifications, exchanged experience both domestically and internationally (Russia, Ukraine, USA, Germany, Korea, Thailand, etc.) and have many years of experience working domestically in various fields with positions such as Judge, Advisory Lawyers, Defending Lawyers, officers of Governmental Office, legal experts in banking, etc.

Central Notary Office is reliable in advising customers in various legal fields such as economy, commercial trade, civil matters, marriage and family, administration, petition, etc. and certifying the authenticity, legality of contracts, transactions ensuring legal safety for customers.

Legality Today – Prosperity Tomorrow

Service criteria: Attentiveness – Consideration – Great Responsibility

Information on operation:

  1. Scope

Central Notary Office is located at building no. 454 Nguyen Thi Minh Khai, ward 5, district 3, HCMC. With a staff of nearly 20 legal experts who are both domestically and internationally trained, professional divisions of administration, filing and archive equipped with internal computer network, prohibition information website of HCMC. Department of Justice, notary dossier management data center, legal document data system, Central Notary Office is truly a professional notary organization.

Central Notary Office is fully furnished with professional devices, equipment, access control, fire detection and security camera systems to ensure safety in notary operation.

  1. Workload, common types of contracts, transactions

Central Notary Office handles every notary service request in relation to contracts, transactions of both local and international individuals, organizations, corporations in accordance to the laws.

Each year, Central Notary Office handles approximately 15,000 dossiers of about 40 types of contracts, transactions.

In addition, Central Notary Office performs certification of true copies from originals, signatures on documents, instruments both in Vietnamese and foreign languages, certification of translations from English and Russian.

  1. Professional liability insurance

Central Notary Office is insured by Bao Minh Insurance Group for liability in professional operation with an insurance limit of 10,000,000,000 (ten billion Vietnam dong) for each case of damage and throughout the insurance term.

The compensation will be available for all claims against Central Notary Office due to violations and alleged violations of professional obligations due to unintentional acts, faults or unintentional omission due to carelessness.

Besides, compensation for incurred costs to defend or resolve claims from third parties are also considered.

  1. Disputes, compensations

Ever since our establishment, Central Notary Office has not been compelled by the Courts to pay compensation in any case of dispute./.