Central Notary Office handles notary requests for all contracts, transactions, from both available drafts provided by the customers or drafts prepared by Central Notary Office per the request of the customers.

1) The parties need to present the following dossier:

– ID card or Passport

– Household registration book

– Marriage certificate, Certificate of marriage in fact, or Certificate of marital status

– Business certificate or Investment certificate if the parties are corporations, organizations

– Meeting minutes of Board of Members or Board of Directors if the parties are corporations, organizations

– Appointment decisions of representative of state corporations

– Authorization contract or authorization letter (if transaction is executed by an authorized agent)

– Birth certificate, court judgement, other documents proving the relationship between the inheritors and the deceased (in case of inheritance)

– Death certificate of the deceased, death notice, court judgement on legal presumption of death.

– Visa or confirmation of competent authorities regarding legal entry into Vietnam for at least 3 months in case of foreigners who rent housing in Vietnam.

– Medical checkup results (by district-level Hospital or Medical center) in case of testators if necessary.

2) Documents of use rights, onwership rights of properties:

– Certificate of land use rights/ Certificate of house ownership and land use rights/ Certificate of ownership of construction works on land, other documents of housing

– Drawings of house and land with approval of competent authority regarding the part of house and land being transferred (in case of partial transfer)

– Letter of refusal to purchase by co-owners (in case of partial transfer), Letter of refusal to purchase of leasee (in case of sales of house under lease) or Letter of commitment of owners undertaking to have given notice of property sales to co-owners or leasee in accordance to the Law on housing.

– Letter of comfirmation that land use fee, land purchase price does not originate from the state budget in case of organizations being allocated land, leased land by the state before 1/7/2004 (in case of state corporations)

– Construction license (if any)

– Declaration of registration fee/Notice of land registration fee payment with payment confirmation

– Notice of personal income tax payment (if any)

– Minutes of inspection of completed construction (if any)

– House sale instrument ceritifed by People’s Committee (if any)

– Property appraisal documents in case of pledge, mortgage, guarantee of credit institutions, banks, credit funds.

3) Notary fees and charges:

Notary fees in accordance with the laws (Joint circulars of the Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Justice no. 08/2012/TTLT-BTC-BTP dated 19/01/2012 and no. 115/2015/TTLT-BTC-BTP dated 11/8/2015)

4) Division in-charge: Notary division

Please contact hotline: 0903752525, Email: congchungtrungtam@gmail.com for consulation or directly contact notary officers for appoitments:

– Ms. Pham Xuan Trang – Head of Translation & Certification, BA Law (UK), Mobile: 0908094248, Email: trangphamxuan86@gmail.com

– Mr. Phạm Xuân Thọ – Chief of Notary Office, Mobile: 0903752525  Email: congchungtrungtam@gmail.com

– Ms. Nguyễn Thị Bé Mười – Notary Officer, Mobile: 0907680602 Email: muoinguyen2808@gmail.com

– Ms. Phạm Thị Minh Anh – Notary OfficerMobile: 0901216768 Email: anhptm@gmail.com


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