Central Notary Office certifies copies from originals in accordance with the Law on Notary 2014, Decree no. 23/2015/NĐ-CP and other legal regulations.

Customers need to present the following documents:

– Original documents.

– Copies of such originals. The office does provide photocopying service.

I. Regulations on certification:

1) Originals of which copies can be certified:

– Original documents which are issued by competent authorities, organization.

– Original documents drafted and signed by individuals and certified by competent authorities, organizations.

(Article 18 Decree no. 23/2015/NĐ-CP)

2) Documents issued by foreign authorities, organizations:

– In case of documents which are issued, notarized or certified by foreign authorities, organizations, such documents must be consular legalized in accordance with the laws before translation; except cases of exemption from consular legalization in accordance with international treaties of which Vietnam is a member or the reciprocity principle. (Article 20 Decree 23/2015/NĐ-CP)

– Personal identification document issued by foreign authorities, organization such as passport, ID card or other documents such as permanent resident card, driver license, degrees, diplomas, graduation certificates and academic transcript are exempted from consular legalization. (Article 6 Circular 20/2015/TT-BTP)

3) Prohibited circumstances:

– Fake or invalidly issued original documents;

– Documents have been modified or damaged;

– Confidential documents;

– Documents drafted and signed by individuals but not certified by competent authorities, organizations.

– Other documents which the laws prohibit certification.

(Article 22 Decree no. 23/2015/NĐ-CP)

II. Certification fees

2,000 VND/page. From the 3rd page 1,000 VND/page, but not over 200,000 VND/copy. Page referred herein is a page of the original document. (Article 4 Circular no. 226/2016/TT-BTC)

III. Division in-charge:

Translation – Certification Division Person in-charge: Phạm Xuân Trang

Tel: 02862915485 (112) – 0908094248 Email: trangphamxuan86@gmail.com

Customers may contact hotline: 0903752525, Email: congchungtrungtam@gmail.com for further instruction.

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